Free Creatives Working Together

FreeHive is a co-working space and community for creative professionals using free and open-source software (FOSS), including:


Always know where to find team members and outside collaborators. Have discussions and get meaningful feedback publicly or in private.

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Invite participants from your team or the community to private boards. Subdivide work into deliverables and tasks, and track progress.

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Publish guides, workflows, links, and more where it can benefit your team, the FreeHive community, and aspiring creatives worldwide.

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Stronger Together

As free creatives our numbers may be fewer, but our cause is greater. The FreeHive mission is to:

Make collaboration with like-minded creatives easier.
Grow the ranks of creative professionals using FOSS.
Support and guide the development of the tools we use.


The project is funded by the creative agency Dijt. Our reward is to work side-by-side with you and to succeed together. Still, donations are appreciated.

A Good Fit?

FreeHive is suited to the needs of a very specific group of professionals. Membership comes with some requirements. Please read:

In other words, you make at least a portion of your living practicing within the fields of graphic design, 3D computer graphics, animation, illustration, photography, videography, interface design, and web design—or in a complementary discipline.

This is a co-working environment intended to help those who primarily use FOSS, or who are striving to do so. These tools probably include: Blender, Inkscape, Krita, GIMP, Scribus, Kdenlive, Darktable, Natron, etc.

While we recognize that proprietary tools play a role in some workflows, our mission is to advance the ideal of an all free creative workflow.

The following guidelines are to help us foster an inclusive, safe, and trusting co-working environment:

  • Be respectful of differences in backgrounds, abilities, beliefs, and values.
  • Seek permission prior to contacting the client/employer of another member, for any reason.
  • Do not post graphically violent, nude, sexually explicit, racist, illicit, or otherwise NSFW content.
  • Be cautious with sensitive client/employer information and never share login credentials.

We are vested in the uptime and security of FreeHive because we are doing our own work here too. However, FreeHive is offered with no guarantees. Please read the Terms of Use.

We're a small business doing this at our own expense. If our server gains consciousness and revolts, or some idiot pushes the red button, we both suffer, but we're not going to compensate you for damages. Sorry.

Request an Invitation

FreeHive cannot accept everyone who applies at this time. However, if you've read the above criteria and would like to join our co-working space and community, then please apply below.